Tree consultant in London

Choosing the right tree surveyor report in London and understanding the process.

London has some of Europe’s greenest tree skyline, green spaces and tree-lined streets. Trees play a crucial role in enhancing the city’s aesthetic appeal, improving air quality, and providing habitat for wildlife. Given their importance, it is essential to ensure that trees are well-maintained and protected, particularly during development projects. This is where tree surveys come into play.

What is a Tree Survey?

A tree survey is a detailed assessment conducted by certified arboriculturists to evaluate the condition, location, and value of trees within a specific area. These surveys are crucial for both private and public sector projects, providing vital information for planning applications, development projects, and ongoing tree management.

Importance of Tree Surveys in London

Compliance with Planning Regulations

In London, tree surveys are often a prerequisite for planning applications, particularly for developments that may impact existing trees. Local authorities require these surveys to ensure that proposed projects comply with regulations such as the British Standard BS5837, which provides guidelines for trees in relation to design, demolition, and construction.

Tree Health and Safety

Tree surveys help identify potential hazards posed by trees, such as structural weaknesses, diseases, or pest infestations. By assessing the health and stability of trees, arboriculturists can recommend necessary remedial actions, ensuring the safety of both people and property.

Preservation of Urban Green Spaces

Urban trees significantly contribute to the environmental and aesthetic quality of London. Tree surveys aid in the preservation and enhancement of these green spaces by providing data that informs tree protection plans and tree preservation orders (TPOs). This ensures that valuable trees are protected during development and that appropriate measures are taken to mitigate any negative impacts.

Key Elements of a Tree Survey

Tree Identification and Location

Each tree within the survey area is identified and mapped. This includes recording the species, age, and condition of each tree, as well as its exact location using GPS or traditional surveying techniques.

Tree Health Assessment

Arboriculturists assess the overall health of each tree, looking for signs of disease, pest infestations, structural weaknesses, and other potential issues. This assessment helps determine the tree’s viability and any necessary interventions.

Impact Assessment

For development projects, tree surveys include an impact assessment that evaluates how proposed construction activities may affect existing trees. This involves analyzing root protection areas (RPAs) and suggesting measures to minimize damage during construction.

Recommendations and Mitigation Measures

Based on the findings, arboriculturists provide recommendations for tree care and management. This may include pruning, removal of hazardous trees, or specific measures to protect trees during development. These recommendations are essential for ensuring compliance with planning regulations and maintaining the health and safety of the urban forest.

The Role of BS5837 in Tree Surveys

The British Standard BS5837 provides a comprehensive framework for tree surveys related to construction and development projects. It outlines best practices for tree assessment, protection, and management, ensuring that trees are appropriately considered throughout the planning and construction process. Adherence to BS5837 standards is crucial for obtaining planning permission in London and helps safeguard the city’s trees for future generations.

Choosing the Right Arboricultural Consultant

When it comes to conducting tree surveys in London, it is essential to choose a qualified and experienced arboricultural consultant. Look for consultants who are certified, have a thorough understanding of local regulations, and possess a proven track record in conducting tree surveys and providing expert advice.


Tree surveys are an indispensable part of urban development and tree management in London. They provide critical insights into the health, safety, and value of trees, ensuring that they are protected and preserved amidst the city’s growth. By adhering to standards like BS5837 and working with qualified arboricultural consultants, we can continue to enjoy the numerous benefits that trees bring to our urban environment.

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