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We offer the following domestic and commercial trees services in Bromley;

Tree Services

Whether you need to just take down a tree, create more light and space, develop a tree maintenance plan or deal with nuisance and dangerous trees, we offer a full range of services including professional advice and guidance for you or your business.
Tree Work for Business

Tree Work For Business

We are trained and qualified to NPTC standards with £10,000,000 public liability insurance. We are experienced at delivering quality tree work at very competitive prices, on time, efficiently and with the utmost professionalism.
London tree stump removal

Tree Stump Removal

Tree stumps can often be deemed unattractive as well as attracting fungi and parasites to your garden. Stump grinding is the most cost effective method for removing unwanted stumps.



Are your trees protected?

It may surprise you to know that the Bromley Borough has the largest collection of mixed species trees of any other London Borough,  including over 30,000 street trees comprising of over 200  mixed species, and over 20,000 park trees. This excludes the number of trees in the back of your garden of which some will be restricted to planning by either an individual TPO “tree preservation order” or restricted to planning as the tree sits within a conservation area both would require planning consent.

The Rules on removing or carrying out work on a protected tree within your property:

Permission is always needed to carry out work to a protected tree except when the following applies.:

  • when cutting down trees in accordance with one of the Forestry Commission’s grant schemes, or where the Commission has granted a felling licence
  • when cutting down or cutting back a tree that is dead or has become dangerous
  • in line with an obligation under another Act of Parliament
  • at the request of certain organisations specified in the order
  • where a tree is directly in the way of development that is about to start and for which detailed planning permission has been granted by Bromley Council
  • in a commercial orchard where pruning fruit trees is needed in accordance with good horticultural practice
  • to prevent or abate a legal nuisance

Bromley Council can investigate and prosecute anyone who has carried out work without prior written consent. This would lead to an appearance in a Magistrates Court and fines for offences can be as much as £20,000.  Penalties in Crown Courts are unlimited, but can be based on the profit made.

If a tree is removed without consent then a replacement must be planted, Crown Tree Surgeons can select and plant a suitable tree in replace of one that is protected, in most cases this services is of no charge to the customer.

Applying to carry out tree surgery on a protected tree 

To make an application to remove or prune a protected tree, you need to complete a planning application for  tree work giving the following information:

  • A full and clear specification of the works to be carried out in accordance with the current industry standard
  • A sketched plan showing the location of all trees.
  • For all trees clear identification of the trees concerned.
  • For works to trees protected by a TPO you will need to state the reasons for the proposed works and provide evidence in support of the stated reasons in particular: if your reasons relate to the condition of the tree(s) – written evidence from an appropriate expert, if you are alleging subsidence damage – a report by an appropriate engineer or surveyor and one from an arboriculturist. In respect of other structural damage – written technical evidence will all need to be provided and attached with the application.

Please read the planning guidance notes before making your application.

What happens if an application is refused

If an application to carry out work on a protected tree is refused, or you object to the conditions imposed by us, then you can appeal to the Secretary of State in writing within 28 days of receiving the decision.

Appeals are normally decided on the basis of written statements, followed by a site visit. Both you and the council have the right, instead, to a public local inquiry or hearing.  The Secretary of State may allow or dismiss the appeal, or vary the original decision.

Protected trees in Bromley

Link to Bromley council tree planning

Help with planning

Our Tree Work In Bromley

Removing mature trees that overhang a neighbours garden

Removing overhanging trees that overhang a neighbours garden is never easy especially when the vast majority of that tree is within the neighbours garden.

Ash Tree Removal

This particular job was a little sensitive as the neighbours were very concerned about such large trees being removed directly over their garden as it contained a garden office and other delicate shrubs.

Ash Tree Removal

Using modern tree surgery rigging equipment allowed us to lower large branches from the tree that overhung the neighbours boundary  under control to safely land within a safe space, rather than carrying out work in the neighbours garden and limiting any damage to neighbours outdoor space.

To mitigate this, we meticulously lowered every section of the tree using tree surgery techniques, lowering each section back into the customers garden; We also spent an amount of time with the neighbours explaining how the tree surgery worAsh Tree Removalk would be carried out and how we would protect their garden, this is shown in the images, where you can see the different coloured rigging lines that indicate their load capacity, being used with the use of a lowering device that is anchored to the tree, this creates friction that enables the speed of lowering a branch or timber to be carried out under control, which also allows the device to be operated by one person.

The tree was removed with permission of Bromley Tree Officer  down to a stump where the tree stump was then later  removed by one of our stump grinders to allow for landscaping and replanting to take place.

For more information and photos, read our blog post