Tree removal of failed poplar trees

Removal of mature Lombardy Poplar Trees following a tree survey at Blackheath School for Girls.

A number of Lombardy Poplar Trees were removed following a tree survey that highlighted substantial decay in a number of mature trees within the school grounds.

The image below shows one of our tree surgeons  standing within one of the trees demonstrating the amount of decay within the tree, this also highlights the importance of tree surveys for customers that manage or own land that contain mature trees, it also demonstrates the effectiveness of a qualified tree consultant  carrying out a tree survey.

tree removal in Blackheath

Due to the condition of some of the trees, many were unsafe to climb and were therefore felled using a 32ton winch as a means of an additional safety factor; prior to felling a nesting survey was carried out on each individual tree to ensure that no nesting birds were present.

Tree fell

The image above shows the first cuts being made in preparation of felling; again cavity visable only on a felling cut being made by with the use of a forestry chainsaws.

Winch set up preparation

You can see in this image one of our winches in use; both winch and ground anchor set up in preparation to fell one of several defective trees.



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