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When there is so much choice out there why choose crown tree surgeons.

We have established a name as the south east tree surgery company offering all tree related services from tree removal to planning we can offer a customer care package leaving you in no doubt that your trees are safe with us.

Having worked for many home owners across and london and kent we have a name and reputation that puts us ahead in tree service and customer care.

Having worked on such projects like the 2020 olympics, NHS, Barrit Homes and local authority we are a trusted name that you can rely on.

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A new year for London and Kent Tree Surgeon

Another year for Crown Tree Surgeons sees the start of the year carrying out tree inspections at many of the south east golf clubs and open spaces.

A tree made of dreams

Trees come in all shapes and sizes across London and Kent some can come problematic with our outdoor spaces shrinking due to home improvements and developments.

No matter how big a tree is its important to think about the potential  impact in years to come.

Planting a tree in the right area can save a tree from being removed in later years to soon especially where a tree has been planted on a property boundary.

Neighbours can inherit a tree that may not be suitable for there outdoor space causing them to take action in cutting back a crown of a tree back to there boundary line leaving the tree looking visually unappealing.

As well as maintaining a tree removing dead wood and crossed limbs and ensuing good soil conditions would be a easy way of helping a tree along its journey and give it the best chance possible of survival. In some cases the advice of a tree surgeon may be useful if you have an already established mature tree we can offer free site inspection on all mature trees on your property at no cost.

Call or e mail the office today to book an appointment with one of our tree surgeon.


Tree Surgeons Felling Sycamore Tree

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd removing a sycamore tree with a winch.

Tree surgeons at work felling a ivy infested sycamore tree in Chislehurst kent. Section removal of the crown of the tree before felling the remaining trunk. tree was removed to allow for a new fence and replanting.

Just before the felling of a sycamore tree in chislehurst

Tree Surgeons Chislehurst

Tree Stump Removal in London and Kent

Removing tree stumps at a London golf course today after crown tree surgeons removed a multi stem sycamore tree the tree stump was later removed by our all terrain stump grinder allowing for the golf courses groundsman to replant something more suitable.

Stump grinding is the only cost effective solution to tree stump removal eradicating the whole stump leaving no trace that there was ever a tree stump.

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd covering London and Kent for all stump removal

Tree Stump Removal
tree removal by tree surgeons crown tree surgeons ltd

Stump Removal

Stump Grinder Hire Or Stump Grinder Service

Lets face it hiring a stump grinder will always be the cheapest option but not necessary the easiest or most efficient. Stump grinders from hire companies are underpowered and will not be capable of removing most tree stumps especially hard wood tree stumps or that of any real size. Further to this the teeth if not sharp in the first place will need to be sharpened or changed which are all additional costs as well as time and require skill and equipment to sharpen correctly.

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd offer a full tree stump removal service capable of removing all size of tree stumps by a trained operator. The image below is of a 35bhp stump grinder using a multi tip cutting tooth system that is not available form hire companies. This tree stump in this image was 4ft across and 2ft off ground level it took machine and operator only 1hr to remove from start to finish.

Stump removal by Crown Tree Surgeons ltd

If you have any questions on tree stump removal services please call or e mail a member of the team we would be happy to help.

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