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Crown Tree Surgeons carrying out more work this week in Bromley removing a dead Poplar Tree and reducing the remaining trees that formed part of a natural boundary. The dead Poplar Tree was removed with consent form Bromley borough Tree officer due to a large cavity at the base.

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Height reduction of Poplar Tree in Bromley


Crown Tree Surgeons Removing Dangerous Tree in Blackheath

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd removing dangerous tree in Blackheath today with the use of a tirfor winch. The tree had up rooted at the base causing the crown of the tree to rest against a neighbouring tree the winch was used to safely fell the damaged tree under control.

Dangerous tree removal in blackheath

Dangerous tree removal in blackheath

Tree Surgeon Bexley

Do you want to receive the support from a trusted and expert tree surgeon in Bexley? When you are facing a difficult situation with your tree, you may be left feeling slightly nervous or concerned about the condition of a tree, whether it’s in your garden or out in public. Not know anything about trees or tree surgery can be frustrating at a time like this, but there’s no need to worry. Here at Crown Tree Surgeons, we provide a wide selection of tree related services to help the community of Bexley and the surrounding areas.

We have worked for numerous clients across the area, and each of our services have been utilised for numerous reasons. Whether you wish to remove a dangerous looking tree for your safety, or to simply create more light and space or develop a tree care & maintenance plan, we’ll be confident that we will be able to help by providing our knowledge and giving you a service that you can rely on time and time again. We are able to offer crown lifts, crown reductions, crown thinning, tree felling, tree pollarding, pruning and even planting. Most people believe that our main line of tree work is to deal with dangerous trees, but this isn’t the only thing we do; we’re also avid about the trees in our local area, and will happily help in create more trees if need be.

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Bexley Tree Removal Services

Crown Tree Surgeons carrying out tree removal in Bexley this week removing a Ash Tree that had caused structural damage to a number of garages.
The tree removal was carried out by a team of two tree surgeons and four grounds staff using the safe techniques to lower each limb of the tree to the ground under control due to the tree towering over four neighbouring garages.

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd make light work of a Ash Tree removal in Bexley

Crown Tree Surgeons ltd make light work of a Ash Tree removal in Bexley

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Crown Tree Surgeons carrying out more tree removal this year in Beckenham.

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Although it may be sad to remove a loved tree at times it may be necessary due to poor health or to make way for a property extension.
Our trained tree surgeons are capable of removing the largest of trees in a safe and controlled manner causing minimum impact to the surrounding area.

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